Making the most of a last minute vacation

Scrambling to put together a last minute plan for the late May bank holiday? Don’t worry, Bean has the information you need to plan an incredible vacation on a day’s notice. It’s true that advance planning can often cut down on a lot of the cost of travelling but if this May has crept up on you (like it has us!) then there is still plenty you can do without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of our favourite last minute travel tips.

Make your budget go further by staying closer

We’re incredibly lucky in the UK to have so many great destinations in our backyard. From the boardwalk and beaches of Brighton to the historic sites of Cambridge, there’s a getaway for every taste. The best part? You can save 20% on rail tickets with Thameslink and Great Northern Railways this bank holiday, making dozens of destinations cheaper than a tenner to visit.

Let savings lead your adventure

On one impulsive night out, my friends and I decided to book an impromptu weekend away but, being quite strapped for cash, needed to keep it cheap. We decided to check the cheapest flights available for that weekend on Skyscanner and planned our entire vacation around it. We had a blast! Not only does it let you take advantage of some amazing travel deals but it forces you off the beaten path to discover new places you might not have even considered. I mean, can you really turn down thirty quid, round trip, to Krakow?

Get creative with accommodation

Who says a vacation has to include a costly hotel? There are fantastic alternative options out there these days. I have seen some truly swanky airbnb’s listed all over the world and, if you’re traveling alone or as a duo, rent a room, rather than the whole property. Not only will you cut costs further but you get a built in guide who can tell you where the locals really hang out and what tourist traps to avoid. Looking for a large group? Check out listings for bunk houses on YHA. It’s a bit more “rustic” and usually involves self catering and cleaning up at the end, but it’s a great way to get away with all your friends without wiping out your savings account.

Embrace the great outdoors

Speaking of untraditional accommodation, some of my favourite childhood memories involve chucking up a tent in our garden and pretending we were explorers in the wilderness. Take it a step beyond backyard imaginations by packing up that tent and hitting one of the (literally) thousands of camping grounds across the UK. Pitchup is a great place to search for your next outdoor adventure. Don’t own a tent? No problem! They’ve got listings where you can rent one on arrival or, go crazy and upgrade to a tipi, wigwam, bell tent or even a luxury yurt. Yes, you get to sleep in a yurt. Move over infinity pools, I see a new Instagram trend this summer.

Splurge smarter

Still craving that exotic getaway? If you’ve got a little extra tucked away for rainy day spending then check out for some travel and accommodation packages. It’ll set you back a bit more than the other options listed but you’ll still save a pretty penny compared to booking direct. In an attempt to make their deals more attractive, hotels will often include some meals and cheap transport at the destination but make sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

With so many options available there’s no reason to let your budget (or lack of planning) stop you from having an incredible last minute vacation this bank holiday. What are you waiting for? Friday will be here before you know it; where will you be when it arrives?

We’d love to see where your last minute vacations take you. Send us a snap and any travel saving tricks you use to and we’ll feature you on our social accounts. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest Bean updates, saving advice, and more. Happy traveling!

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May 25, 2017

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