Let us help you cancel your Virgin subscription

Follow this guide to cancel Virgin.

How to cancel Virgin myself

The minimum fixed term contract period for Virgin’s services is 9, 12 or 18 months, depending on the particular offer or bundle. For more info see Your Broadband, TV and Phone contract. If you decide to leave Virgin within your minimum contract period, you may be charged outstanding line rental or monthly charges to the end of the contract. See Virgins Terms & Conditions for details.

If you’re on a 30 day rolling contract or you decide to leave Virgin after your minimum fixed term contract period, you’ll just need to give Virgin 30 days’ notice. When you take out Virgin Media TV, Broadband and Phone services, the kit we provide is included as part of your services. This means that if you disconnect or change your Virgin Media services we may ask you to return your kit.


1) You can find Virgin Media at this link.
2) You can find Virgin Media help page at this link.

Contact Page
You can find the Virgin Media contact page at this web address.

You can phone Virgin Media at this number:  0345 454 1111

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