Let us help you cancel your Tidal subscription

Follow this guide to cancel Tidal.

Who are Tidal

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service that combines audio and high-definition music videos with high-quality exclusive content and special music features. The service is maintained by the Norwegian company Aspario AB.

How to cancel Tidal myself

1) Sprint – If you signed up through Sprint or another mobile carrier then you will need to contact your phone provider customer support for assistance with your cancelation.

2) Tidal Directly – If you signed up through the Tidal Website then visit this site. Log in with your username and password, click ‘Subscription’ and click ‘Cancel my subscription’.

3) Apple iTunes – If you signed up through iTunes using an In-App Purchase, on your IOS device open the ‘App Store’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Apple-ID’, then select ‘Manage app subscriptions’ then tap ‘Tidal’ on the following screen and change your auto-renewal option to off.

4) iTunes – Open iTunes and click ‘iTunes Store’ tab, click ‘Account’ on the right side under ‘Quick Links’, scroll down and click ‘Manage’ to the right of ‘Subscriptions’, from there you can edit/cancel your Tidal subscription.

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