Let us help you cancel your Playstation Now subscription

Follow this guide to cancel Playstation Now.

Who are Playstation Now

Playstation Now is a cloud gaming service that is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Playstation now allows users to pay for access to a selection of original PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 games. This access is either a subscription or a per-game basis. There is a demand for Playstation Now to offer PlayStation, PlayStation 2 PlayStation Portable games in time to come.

How to cancel Playstation Now myself

1) To cancel you PlayStation Now account you first need to sign into the ‘PlayStation Account Management’ at this site.
2) Goto the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Games’ from the drop down menu.
3) Select the current PS Plus or PS Now and click ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’.
4) You can ‘Restart Automatic Renewal’ before the expiry date of the current subscription. Just follow the same method to do this.

Contact PlayStation Now

 To contact PlayStation goto this link. Follow the help section process, if you cannot find your solution then you should be navigated to the contact details of PlayStation directly.

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