Let us help you cancel your Fitness4less membership

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Who are Fitness4less

Fitness4less aim to offer good quality gym facilities for the lowest price. They believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to get the general population involved in beneficial fitness activities. They aim to facilitate the improvement of general health, wellbeing and fitness.

How to cancel my Fitness4less myself

1)  Prepaid membership:  You can leave the gym at any time without giving notice and without any financial penalty. However, no refunds are given on unused parts of your membership. Also, membership cannot be downgraded or transferred to another person.

2)  Monthly no-commitment memberships:  These subscriptions are paid via direct debit and can be canceled by contacting your bank and cancelling there. Your membership will only be terminated when Fitness4less receive notification of your direct debit cancellation, form your bank.

3)  12-month plan memberships:  After the 12 month plan has been paid, your contract will switch to a monthly rolling contract. You can cancel anytime after the 12 month period has been paid.

Note to reader:  To get the most out of your last month at the gym, you should cancel your direct debit about 7 working days before the date when your next subscription is due to be paid. Leaving it later than this may result in your bank not sending the cancelation details to Fitness4less in time.

To contact Fitness4less, first locate your store using this link and then find the contact details specifically for your Fitness4less branch.

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