Let us help you cancel your BT subscription

Follow this guide to cancel BT.

Who are BT

BT Group plc is the holding company that owns British Telecommunications plc, known as BT. BT is a British company with head offices in London, UK. BT has operations in approximately 180 countries. BT is the biggest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK. BT also provides subscription television and IT services.

How to cancel BT myself

1)  To cancel your BT subscription you need to ring customer services and either pay for full cancellation or get a MAC code and move to a new provider. They will try to prevent you from leaving but you need to persist and keep asking them for the MAC code.

2) If you don’t have get your MAC code then you may need to pay £25 when switching to a new provider.

3)  Decide on your new broadband provider by checking all the different providers and selecting the best price. You also need to find out what your broadband deal is and how far you are into your current contract. 

4)  If you are less than 12 months into your contract and you’ve got a BT home hub, then you may have to say £44.99 for that.

To navigate to the BT page go to this link. Then follow the how to process to find your problem. You should then be prompted for for the specific contact details at the end of the process.

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