Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bean work?
Bean connects to all of your bank and credit card accounts, to show you all your recurring payments in one place. If you want to cancel any subscription, let Bean know and it will contact your supplier to cancel your contract. Bean also provides real life recommendations, such as transferring credit card debt to an interest free card, getting pet insurance, or switching your energy supplier at the end of the year. Bean lets you take action directly from the app. Bean is always humming along quietly in the background, making sure that you’re making the best financial decisions.
What makes Bean different to cancelling a direct debit with my bank? 
Bean contacts your supplier directly to cancel your contract on your behalf, rather than just cancelling the payment for that contract.

Which accounts can I connect to Bean?
Bean supports thousands of financial institutions throughout the United Kingdom. This means that you can link virtually any account to Bean. 

Is Bean secure?
Bean uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is always encrypted and securely stored.           

Does Bean cost anything?
Bean is completely free.

How does Bean offer this service for free?
Bean takes a small fee on the corporate side from any services you choose to take part in – whether that’s switching your energy or signing up to a better savings account – but that will never affect the information and recommendations we provide to you. Bean is completely unbiased and will always offer you the best deals regardless of fees.

Does Bean have a mobile app?
We’re currently focusing on developing our web application but follow us on twitter and sign up to the waitlist for product updates.       

Does Bean work with banks located outside the United Kingdom?
Unfortunately, Bean is UK-only right now. We have hopes to expand internationally in the future. If you think you need Bean in your life, get in touch. 
Other questions?
We’re happy to answer questions about Bean’s service and app. Email us at