Find, track and manage your bills and subscriptions

Compare deals on your household bills, learn how to cancel any unwanted subscriptions and track your payments across every account, all from within your Bean dashboard.

Everything you need to manage your bills and subscriptions

Find Subscriptions
Bean scans your bank accounts to find all of your recurring costs. From overpriced bills to unused gym memberships, we’ll find where you could be saving. 

Quick Switch 
We’re all about saving at Bean so if we find somewhere you could be saving we’ll let you know and help you make the switch to a better contract.

Easy Cancellation
Found something that you don’t want anymore? Don’t worry. Bean can help take care of that! With guided steps and instructions we’ll help you cut out any unwanted spending. 

Smart Notifications
We’d never want you to miss out on a deal so Bean will automatically inform you of any saving opportunities, as well as sending other useful tips for managing your finances.

How much are you spending on things you don’t need?

Bean constantly hums away in the background, looking for opportunities to save you money on your everyday bills.

Customer testimonials

Kara Guppy

I, for one, hate phoning people to cancel as they often influence you to stay, so Bean doing it for me a real bonus and it really is hassle-free.

Clare Lush

Bean was refreshingly easy and quick to use and has made me question several of my monthly payments. I had also forgotten that I was paying £9.99 per month for Spotify, though I barely use it at the moment.

Amy Treasure

I’m so pleased to say that by using Bean to find out about switching providers and cancelling unwanted subscriptions I can save a whopping £585.00 a year.



Bean uses several state-of-the-art security measures, including the same end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption used by all major banks across the world.


We work with trusted and regulated partners who provide us with access to your account data. These companies hold your passwords, we don’t.


Our systems provide read-only access to your account data. So even if we wanted to, which we don’t, we couldn’t touch your money.

Managing your finances can be simple.